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Celestial Sea Necklace

The Celestial Sea Necklace brings a breath of fresh air to your jewellery collection, embodying the invigorating essence of the sea breeze.

The combination of the starfish pendant, mother-of-pearls, and buriti straw creates a unique and stylish accessory that effortlessly captures the spirit of the coastal beauty.

The starfish holds deep symbolism in various cultures, in Brazil, often representing qualities such as guidance, intuition, and inspiration.

As a celestial creature of the sea, starfish is also associated with divine love and celestial energies. Its regenerative abilities, symbolize renewal and rejuvenation, making it a powerful emblem of resilience.


Pendant Dimensions: Width approximately: 1cm. Length: 1,5cm
Length approximately: 40cm open + 5cm of extension
Buriti straw cord
100% Handmade in Brazil
Mini mother of pearls
Eco-friendly semi-precious jewellery
No risk of allergy (nickel-free, lead- free)
18K Gold plated Finishing

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