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Doce Freshwater Pearls Choker

Elevate your energy and positive feelings with a Brazilian DOCE freshwater pearls Choker!
Each pearl adorning this choker is a genuine treasure, representing your own distinctive and unparalleled beauty.

-Chain length: 37cm with 9 cm extender.
-No risk of allergy (nickel-free, lead-free)
-Freshwater pearls from Brazil( BIWA pearls)
-The heart shape extender and clasp are 18k gold plated.
-Designed and made in Brazil

Attention: Freshwater pearls also known as BIWA pearls come in a variety of shapes due to the natural process of their formation. Unlike cultured saltwater pearls. freshwater pearls are cultivated in special mussels. The way freshwater mussels create pearls can result in various shapes and sizes, making each pearl unique and distinct.

The jewellery composition photo is illustrative, serving only as a suggestion on how to use the sale jewelry.

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