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Heartbeat Festival Necklace

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Inspired by the lively rhythms of Brazilian festivals, these necklace are more than just accessories; they're a celebration of life's moments. Let them be your companions as you dance through the rhythms of joy and laughter, embracing the essence of the festival season.

The green agate, known for its powerful properties, resonates with the heart chakra, promoting balance, harmony, and emotional healing. As you wear "Heartbeat Festival" necklace , feel the gentle pulse of energy emanating from the agate, infusing your spirit with positivity and vitality.

-Chain length approximately: 38cm (open) with 10cm extender.
-No risk of allergy (nickel-free, lead-free).
1 green agate gemstone pendant
-Crafted in Brazil.
-18K Brazilian Gold plated

Please note that the colors of the product may subtly shift depending on the surrounding light conditions.
The jewelry composition photo is illustrative, serving only as a suggestion on how to use the sale jewelry.

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