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Moon Magic Necklace

Introducing our enchanting "Moon Magic" necklace, a beautifully crafted piece from Brazil. This stunning necklace features an 18k gold-plated waning crescent moon pendant, elegantly adorned with a radiant sunstone at its center.

The waning crescent moon, a symbol of introspection and renewal, marks the final phase of the lunar cycle. It is a time for reflection, letting go, and preparing for new beginnings.
The "Moon Magic" necklace, with its harmonious blend of moon and sun energies, serves as a beautiful reminder of the balance between letting go and welcoming the new. Adorn yourself with this exquisite piece, and let the combined power of the waning crescent moon and sunstone guide you through life's transitions with grace and positivity.

-Chain length approximately: 38cm (open) with 10cm extender.
-No risk of allergy (nickel-free, lead-free).
1 sunstone pendant
-Crafted in Brazil.
-18K Brazilian Gold plated

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