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Sol Earrings

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Wearing "Sol" earrings, you'll feel a connection to the vibrant Brazilian culture and the serene energy of the mandala. Let these earrings illuminate your look with their golden glow, bringing a sense of harmony and radiant beauty to your everyday style. Embrace the light and energy of "Sol", and shine brightly wherever you go.

Size is approximately: 5cm length and 2cm width
100% Handmade in Brazil
No risk of allergy (nickel-free, lead-free)

Golden Grass, thriving in the Jalapão region, is an eco-friendly material that supports local artisans and community preservation. Experience the enchantment of Brazil and the lasting allure of semi-precious jewelry, designed for durability with proper care.

The jewelry composition photo is illustrative, serving only as a suggestion on how to use the sale jewelry.

Please note that the colors of the product may subtly shift depending on the surrounding light conditions.

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