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Tiger Brazilian Bracelet

A fusion of nature`s elegance and artisan craftsmanship. This beautiful piece features lustrous shell pearls gracefully strung together, each pearl showcasing the captivating beauty of the ocean`s depths.

At the heart of this bracelet, a solitary tiger eye bead exudes a warm and rustic energy.

Tiger`s eye gemstone is famous due to its association with Protection and Grounding.It's believed to help create a strong connection with the Earth`s energies, promoting stability and balance in one`s life. This quality can help individuals feel more centered and rooted, especially during times of change or uncertainty.

Durable jewellery elastic to a standard size of approximately: 18 cm and approximately 7cm in diameter.
1 natural Brazilian tiger eye pearl approximately 1cm each +14 Shell pearls.
No risk of allergy (nickel-free, lead-free)
Please note that the colors of the product may subtly shift depending on the surrounding light conditions.

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